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General Information about the Department of Psychiatry

 It was started in the year 2006.  Department of Psychiatry is a tertiary care providing Department, catering to patients from simple to complicated cases from Hassan and surrounding districts.

From ages we are proud to say that the department has had the best of the brains and kindest of the hearts in providing quality psychiatry and medical care/ holistic care.  We train Undergraduate students and since march 2022 we are also training post graduates in par excellence making it one of the best colleges in the country. It comes under the purview of Mental Health Review Board, Bengaluru/Mysuru Division. ESTABLISHED BY KARNATAKA STATE MENTAL HEALTH AUTHORITY, Psychiatry Reception area Art's Theatre, New building, opposite to SBI Bank, NIMHANS hospital compound, Bangalore-560029. Email ID :- Contact No. 9480817894


Teaching faculty

 List of Faculty members with Designation


Sl No.




Dr. Santosh. S.V

Professor & HOD


Dr. Bharathi. G

Associate Professor


Dr. Punith. M

Assistant Professor


Dr. Ume Hani

Senior Resident


Dr. Hemanthraju. D.S

Junior Resident


Dr. G. Sasidharani

Junior Resident


Dr. Latha. M. R

Junior Resident


Dr. Pratik Shekhar

Junior Resident


Dr. Sowndarya sree A

Junior Resident


Dr. Rajeshwari G Hongal

Junior Resident


List of Non-teaching Staff in the department:


Sl. No.




Dr. Manjunath

Clinical Psychologist (DEIC)


Mrs. Rajashree

Nursing Officer Incharge



Nursing Officer


Mrs. Savitri

Tobacco Cessation Clinic counselor (NCD)



EEG Technician


District Mental Health Program(DMHP) team:


Program Officer: Dr. Venugopal

Psychiatrist: Dr. Annapoorna

Clinical Psychologist: Dr.Vijay Kumar

Psychiatric Social Worker: Mr. Ravindra

Psychiatric Nurse: Mrs. Vidya

Community Nurse: Mrs. Sumalatha


District Tobacco Control Program staffs:


Program officer: Mrs.Mamatha

Counselor: Mrs.Vimala  


Clinical facilities available

  1. Outpatient department(including speciality clinics)
  2. Inptient department(ICU included)
  3. Emergencies
  4. Counselling & Psychotherapies
  5. Electro convulsive therapy
  6. Treating Alcohol, Tobacco & other drug use disorders
  7. Medico-Legal Services
  8. ElectroEncephalography(EEG)
  9. IQ & Psychological Testing
  10. Issuing Disability Certificate
  11. Treatment, Counselling & Prevention of suicide attempts
  12. Child Guidance Clinic


Community Psychiatry Services

Mental Health Awareness Programs

  1. Training of medical officers
  2. Lecture sessions to Police/Teachers/Lawyers/other professionals
  3. Radio broadcasting programs

Mental Health Screening Programs

  1. District Malnutrition Camps
  2. Visits to Schools and Villages
  3. Visits to District Prison, Hassan
  4. Visits to Rehabilitation Centres
  5. Visits to Orphanage homes
  6. Visit to Child Shelter homes and Observation homes(District Child Protection Unit under District Inspection Committee)


Academic Activities

  1. Under Graduate Teaching- Clinical Postings, Seminars & Lecture sessions
  2. Post Graduate Teaching- Clinical Postings, Seminars, Lecture sessions, Case conference, Thesis Dissertation, Poster presentation, C.M.Es etc.,


Research Activities

By Dr .Santosh SV, Professor HOD, department of Psychiatry:

  1. Pattern of delusion and their relationship to severity of depression in Major depressive Disorder,; International Journal of Biological & Pharmaceutical Research, 2014:5(10): 780 – 782
  2. Severity and pattern of depression in Major depressive disorder with and without delusions, World Journal of pharmaceutical research, 2014, Vol 3 (8) 419-43.
  3. The evaluation of drug utilization pattern in psychiatric illness: A pharmaco epidemiologic approach, Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 2015:5(02), 945-950 
  4. Assessment of socio-demographic and diagnostic profile in psychiatric out patients in central Karnataka region, International Journal of Pharmacy & pharmaceutical research2015, Vol 3 (4); 73-82
  5. Bharathi G, Punith M, Santosh SV. Does media influence suicide attempt in people from the rural background? Telangana Journal of Psychiatry, Jan-Jun 2019; 5(1):25-30
  6. BharathiGunjahalli, Punith M, Santosh SV.Profile of “Suspected Suicide Attempters” based on variations in intent. Ann. Indian Psychiatry 2020;4:20-7
  7. Genital self mutilation in erectile disorder. Indian Journal of Psychiatry. 2006: vol 48(1), 64-65
  8. Psycho-aromatherapy. Int Poster J Dent Oral Med 2012; Vol 14( 1 ), Poster 579.
  9. Induced herpes zoster: Is Fluvoxamine the culprit?; World Journal of pharmaceutical research; 2014 vol 3 (9);886-890.
  10. Metoclopramide Induced Extrapyramidal symptoms ( Dystonia ) in adult male patient ; inventi rapid: Brain 2014 (3): 1-2.
  11. Disulfiram- induced seizures with convulsions in a young male patient: a study; Indian Journal Of psychiatry:2015:57(3):309 – 310.


By Dr. Bharathi G Assistant Professor, department of Psychiatry:

1) Bharathi G, Punith M, Santosh SV. Does media influence suicide attempt in people from the rural background?   Telangana Journal of Psychiatry, Jan-Jun 2019; 5(1):25-30 

2) BharathiGunjahalli, Chougule PM. Perception of burden by caregivers of patients with Schizophrenia in relation to symptom profile.  Ann. Indian Psychiatry 2019;3:116-23

3)BharathiGunjahalli, Punith M, Santosh SV. Profile of “Suspected Suicide Attempters” based on variations in intent. Ann. Indian Psychiatry 2020;4:20-7

4)DrBharathi G  ‘Importance of Ethics’; chapter in Book ‘Perspectives in Psychiatric Training’ Editors DrSuhasChandran&DrKishor M

5) M. Kishore, Vikas M, - - - - -  Bharathi G  Covid- 19 pandemic highlights the need to reconsider Psychiatry training of Indian Medical graduates. Int .J Health Allied  Sci 2020;9:S104-6


By Dr. Punith M Senior Resident department of Psychiatry:

  1. Bharathi G, Punith M, Santosh SV. Does media influence suicide attempt in people from the rural background? Telangana Journal of Psychiatry, Jan-Jun 2019; 5(1):25-30
  2. BharathiGunjahalli, Punith M,Santosh SV. Profile of “Suspected Suicide Attempters” based on variations in intent. Ann. Indian Psychiatry 2020;4:20-7


Ongoing Research activities


Principal investigator

Guide / Co-investigator

A multi centric, perspective, double blind, randomised, placebo controlled clinicalstudy to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Ashwaganda caplet in individual suffering from stress and anxiety disorder

Dr. Santosh S.V

Dr. Tejaswini

Department of AYUSH

Prevalence of alcohol use disorder and depressive disorder in suicide attempters attending a tertiary care center

Dr. Hemanthraju DS

Dr. Santosh S.V

Socio-demographic profile, clinical profile and quality of life in obsessive compulsive disorder. A cross sectional study in a tertiary care center of hassan

Dr. G. Sasidharani

Dr. Santosh S.V.

A study of socio demographic profile and prevalence of externalizing disorders in paediatric suspected suicide attempters attending a tertiary care hospital

Dr. Latha M.R.

Dr. Bharathi G

Prevalence of depression, anxiety and stress among adolescents in the age group of 14-19 years in a rural health training centre of a medical college of Hassan district : A descriptive cross sectional study

Dr. Bhoomika D N

Dr. G M Venkatesh

( Dept of Community Medicine)

Dr. Santosh S.V.

( Dept of Psychiatry)




























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