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HIMS Quotations

 * Quotation for oxygen BPC flowmeter with humudified bottle connected din BPC probe, HIMSTeaching hosptial HASSAN.
 * Quotation for Medical equipment for Ophthalmology dept, HIMS HASSAN.
 * Quotation for purchase of injection human albumin 20% to HIMS Teaching Hospital.
 * Quotation for CC Camera for HIMS teaching hospital, Hassan.
 * Quotation for Chemical peels and Patch test kit to Dermatology dept, HIMS teaching hospital Hassan.
 * Quotation for 3HB motor to HIMS, Boys and Girls hostel, HIMS HASSAN.
 * Quotation for sctub suits to SNCU, HIMS Teaching hospital HASSAN
 * Quotation for stabilized H202 solution, HIMS, HASSAN
 * Quotation for a Battery of Vehicle 13 G 1102 Government Nursing College, Hassan.
 * Quotation for the supply of Insulin syringe to HIMS Teaching hospital
 * Quotation for the supply of the, Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) for animal experiments software HIMS, Hassan
 * Quotation for installation of  oxygen pipeline  to HIMS HOSPITAL, HASSAN
 * Quotation for Apron, Emergency Light, B.P Monitor, Mask, Gloves to SC-ST students, HIMS HASSAN
 * Quotation for case sheet, records for SNCU, HIMS HASSAN
 * Quotation for 03 wifi device to link biometric machine, HIMS HASSAN.
 * Quotation for ABG Sensor cassette and ABG solution pack to ABG Machine to HIMS, Hospital, Hassan
 * Quotation for Trolly drap to Ophthalmology dept, HIMS, HASSAN
 * Quotation for 100 Ltr commercial RO Plant, to Govt Nursing college, Hassan
 * Quotation for Medical Equipment for Dermatology Dept, HIMS,HASSAN
 * Quotation for Microscope of Anatomy and Physiology depts, HIMS,HASSAN
 * Supply of   Inj.Anti Rabies Immunoglobulin IP  to  Anti Rabies clinic, HIMS, Hassan.
 * Quotation for Medical equipment for Plastics surgery, HIMS, HASSAN
 * Quotation for Internet speed 300 MBPS to server rooms, HIMS,HASSAN
 * Quotation for steel almerha locker and Racks for medicine storage, for Anaesthesia dept, HIMS,HASSAN
 * Quotation for 3KVA UPS  for Radiology dept, HIMS, HASSAN
 * Purchase of the Computer Assisted Learning  (CAL) for animal experiments software    in deparment of Pharmacology , HIMS,Hassan.
 * Supply of Citric acid  to medicine department, Hims teaching hospital, Hassan.
 * Supply of Inj. Anti Snake Venom  to medicine department, Hims teaching hospital, Hassan.
 * Supply of Inj. IV. Sodium Chloride 0.9%w/v to Drug Store, HIMS, Hassan.
 * Quotation for the supply of MRI Contrast to Radiology department, HIMS, Hassan.
 * Re-Quotation for 05 Probe to 05 Masimo RAD 97 Pulse oximeter to SNCU, HIMS,HASSAN

 * Quotation for Medical Instruments, HIMS,HASSAN

 * Quotation for Medical equipment for ENT Dept,  treatment of COVID-19 patients , HIMS,HASSAN

 *  Quotation for 40 NOS ELBLOW operated tabs , HIMS,HASSAN

 * Quotation for Medical equipment to ENT Department for Mucormycosis treatment, HIMS HASSAN

 * Quotation for NABH and  Main drug store department

 * Quotation for x2 wash solution 100 ml and XI cleaning solution 100ml chemical to Pathology dept LAST DATE:25.08.2021

 * Quotation for  Cisco Webex ID renewal

 * Supply of Drugs to HIMS Teaching hospital, Hassan.

 * Supply of Inj. Albumin solution to HIMS Teaching hospital, Hassan.

 Quotation for Layrngoscope and digitial thermometer to NICU AND ICU DEPT, HIMS,HASSAN 
 * Quotation for TV stand and Microphone Adopter to COVID-19 war room ,HIMS,HASSAN 
 *Quotation for 15 Rexine beds for OBG dept, HIMS,HASSAN
 * Quotation for Food waste, General waste, HIMS,HASSAN
 * Quotation for wood works to LH-4, HIMS, HASSAN



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